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Braided essays, Tibetan sky burials, and desirable difficulties

I had powered through the thicket only to arrive at a starting line, not a finish line. Had I found the starting line initially, I could have been much further down the path, and sooner. But the struggle wasn’t for naught; it gave me material that helped me relate to the reader. Read how a story about the Tibetan Sky Burial led me to the braided essay structure.

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3 myths keeping colleges from enrollment success

To excel in today’s increasingly competitive environment, higher education institutions must embrace a new enrollment mindset—a mindset that envisions the goal and knows how to get there. Yet embracing this mindset requires enrollment officers to challenge some underlying assumptions of elite performance, myths about what it takes to rise to the top. In this eCampus News article, Danielle explored the new insights about peak performance and expertise to guide higher ed leaders to greater enrollment success.

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Is neuroeducation the key to online retention?

While the online modality has been pivotal to accommodating the changing needs and lifestyles of post-traditional students, retaining online students has become a large challenge for many institutions. In this eCampus News article, ghostwritten for Helix Education's Sarah Horn, Danielle explains how online programs can use insights from neuroeducation to increase online student retention.

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