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Lessons to Be Learned From Clickbait: #4 Will Blow Your Mind

In a medium in which clicks equal money, many marketers got really good at writing headlines that elicited a click from even the most reluctant of viewer. Yet the power of clickbait speaks to some profound underlying truths about what people want and need when entering the realm of digital communication. Danielle drew from her research in behavioral economics and behavior change communications in this piece, published in the Call-to-Action blog run by Inside Higher Ed.

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Dip to White: Breaking Through with TV Spots

The elephant and the rider metaphor, coined by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, reveals how people make decisions based on two main internal processes: automatic, habitual, instinctive reactions (the elephant); and conscious reasoning (the rider). The metaphor also has surprising implications for higher ed TV spots. This article, ghostwritten by Danielle for Helix Education’s Seth Odell, explores these implications in Inside Higher Ed’s Call-to-Action blog.

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