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Meet danielle lecourt

Danielle LeCourt is a professor of communication, writer, speaker, and unapologetic idealist. Having spent the first 10 years of her career working in research, communication, and marketing, Danielle has written about higher education, STEM education, economics, behavior change, and social change for a number of publications.

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a published writer

At her core, Danielle is driven by an impulse—connect people with ideas and advance the conversation. While she applies this impulse in a number of ways, her pet medium is writing. Danielle has written and published a number of communication pieces as part of community outreach efforts, corporate content strategies, and personal curiosities. Her work has appeared in such publications as Inside Higher Ed, eCampus News, STEM-Works, and Kids Ahead under both her own name and the names of those she has ghostwritten for.

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a business strategist

Business success lies on a continuum. Holding one side is the reality of what is—the state of things as they are right now—and anchoring the other side is the vision of what could be. Leaders are charged with traversing the edge between what is and what could be in real-time, high-stakes scenarios. With ever-insufficient information, pressing time constraints, and resource challenges. Danielle has spent her career helping leaders hold that edge, moving forward with the best decisions while holding true to both their reality and their vision. She now applies her professional background—and her background as a former collegiate and professional athlete—as a performance coach helping people find ways to enhance their skills and performance as professionals in 21st-century workforce.

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